Closet Organiser Baskets

Get more room in your closet using clothes storage baskets from Heuger - innovating on wardrobe storage to find the most efficient use of space and worry-free access to clothes.

  • Easy Pull-Out - slides out using superior quality ball bearing steel runners that simplify access to clothes

  • Expandable Frame - sliding baskets with frames that can be extended to fit various cabinet widths

  • Durable Style - the Pandora pull-out baskets feature a durable woven material that’s strong but stylish

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A pull out basket tray in your clothes cabinet can help you maximise space.  A strong woven basket is perfect for storing folded clothes, trousers, shirts, and even socks and similar items.  The Pandora range of smart wardrobe storage solutions utilises a modular steel frame that can be used by other storage units in the series - like the pull-out trouser rack and the pullout wardrobe storage tray.

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Heuger innovates with wardrobe baskets having expandable frames, so they can fit cupboards with internal widths from 855mm to 985mm.  A shallow basket is perfect for smaller items like socks and folded clothing, while the deep basket is ideal for larger clothing and big wardrobe stuff.  A storage basket can also be used as a laundry basket, and perhaps a great feature of these wardrobe baskets is you can easily see what’s inside.

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Wardrobe baskets from Heuger are designed to last and withstand the constant pulling out and sliding back in.  These storage baskets use premium ball bearing sliders, a soft-close mechanism, and a durable full steel frame.  For more information or advice on wardrobe storage products, contact our friendly customer service team at (03) 8682 8585 weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm or email now at

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